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​3D art video & Fashion Show
March 2023
Hong-Kong, Fashion summit,2023
Tel-Aviv, Fashion week.2023

As a child growing up in a Jewish family, Roei was always fascinated by biblical stories. The story of the Tower of Babel was one of Derhi's favorites.

'Babylon' is a hybrid collection, encompassing both physical and digital elements. It narrates the tale of the Tower of Babel, a biblical account depicting people challenging God by constructing a towering structure. This collection metaphorically relates the Tower to the internet in the 21st century, illustrating how people can transcend physical barriers and collaborate through digital platforms.

Derhi integrate NFC to NFT technology inside the physical garment.

- 3D Art and Environment: Replica Work
- Music Composition and Production: Joseph 'E-Shine' Mizrahi ft. KADMON
- Architecture: Studio M.A
- Rendering: GarageFarm
- Digital Printing: Kornit Digital


Jessica Hong-Kong magazine,Physical garments from the BABYLON collection

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