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​3D art video & augmented reality
January 2024
Holon Design Museum, Israel

Derhi envisions the future as a seamless integration of the internet into our culture, transforming our 2D experiences into immersive 3D encounters. His latest work explores the transient nature of digital platforms and identities, contrasting the fleeting connections in the virtual realm with the tangible aspects of the physical world.

Inspired by the fluidity of the Roman god Bacchus, who traverses the realms of good and bad, human and divine, female and male, civilized and wild, Derhi employs 3D scan technology to create four distinct identities. These identities serve as symbolic representations, drawing from art history and myths.

Through Augmented Reality Try-On, viewers are invited to explore these identities, offering a unique opportunity to engage with the intricate interplay between technology, identity, and mythology in Derhi's art.


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