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3D Video Art




Kornit Los-Angeles fashion week

When the pandemic hit, Derhi wanted to give a new experience and interpretation to fashion shows as we knew them, using 3D to create an immersive experience.

Derhi transforms the digital realm with Meta-Genesis, a groundbreaking video art experience. Derhi was inspired by the text of Yuval Noah Harari, who took part in his project, and we used his voice as the voice-over. The video was projected at Kornit LA Fashion Week.

This unique collection challenges the dichotomy of science and religion, narrating the 21st-century human experience, shifting from God to data as the ultimate authority. Derhi raises thought-provoking questions about humanity in the digital platform, the use of digital assets, and the role of religion.

Joseph 'E-Shine' Mizrahi, 3D environments by Peter Favinger, technical support by Friday Lab, and inspiration from the insightful Yuval Noah Harari.

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